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How Our Suppliers Help Us Hand-Make Our Catering Cuisine

How Our Suppliers Help Us Hand-Make Our Catering Cuisine

Down here at A’Fare we hand-make our catering cuisine. To do so, we use trusted local suppliers who deliver direct to our door. Then it’s into the kitchen where the magic happens.

We do it because all of us are passionate about the planning, preparation, creation and service of food. We have a genuine desire to bring people delightful memories at any kind of occasion with amazing food, cake and drink as something to remember. A’Fare has been catering for nearly 35 years and brings high calibre professional culinary expertise.

Whether it is finger food, a buffet dinner, three course a la carte, dessert platters or especially wedding catering in Northland, everything is made in our little kitchen down here in Lower Dent Street.

We order all produce and dry goods from Bidvest Whangarei. Bidvest is the nationally-renowned wholesale food distributor whose food supply systems ensure top quality food – as fresh as possible – is delivered to A’Fare so it can be passed onto the customer. Bidvest does this by keeping a careful eye on regional food demands and the supply chain, understanding the need of Northland caterers like A’Fare to keep standards extremely high.

Top quality drinks make the difference

Craft beer is a growing passion in Northland with a community of connoisseurs. Our bar service can arrange to stock the beer you need to make your event distinctive, catering specifically to customers’ needs.

Where beer is a part of the occasion, we like to serve top quality ales from trusted brands. A great example of this is McLeod’s Brewery beers, which come from just down the road in Waipu. McLeod’s is a trusted Northland-local brand which has had multiple medals at the Brewers’ Guild of New Zealand Awards. McLeod’s beers always have delightful flavour options allowing them to be matched to any palate/taste/style our A’Fare team are serving up, from seafood to savoury to sweet, fried, cold, hot and in-between.

We’re careful about what wine we serve, too. We get our wines through the wonderful supplier Blackmarket. Blackmarket gets top quality wine for competitive prices, so we are able to pass both the quality and the price onto the consumer. We always endeavour to buy New Zealand wines when possible, which can sometimes mean Northland wines are matched with Northland food.

Fresh bread: a delicious foundation

Bread is a great accompaniment to any meal, or as part of a cheese or antipasto platter. We believe there is nothing better than freshly made bread rolls, fancy loaves or baguettes and that is why we use Regent New World. They bake fresh daily and Regent New World is a family business delivering a quality, consistent product.