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Food for everyone and every diet!

Food for everyone and every diet!

Food – it can be such a dividing and topical issue. In days past everyone would gather around Nana’s table on a Sunday afternoon enjoying a large roast with all the trimmings including the gravy mixed from the tray drippings and a good dose of flour. Nowadays, with so many food allergies, intolerances or lifestyle diets, it can be harder to ensure everyone is pleased and their plate is full.

Whether it’s gluten-free; low fat and only wholegrain; no grain or Paleo; low carb and high fat; or strictly vegan; lifestyle choices can often dictate what will be on a menu. Add to that those who suffer from severe allergies to nuts, fish and eggs, and the dilemmas of what to serve can be daunting.

Here at A’Fare we aren’t just your run-of-the-mill caterers. We are very used to a number of dietary requests; in fact we are renowned for our ability to seamlessly include those with dietary requests or requirements into either a buffet or plated meal with ease. Our gluten free cookies are renowned around town, and we really do go the extra mile to make sure everyone has a plate of food that is sumptuous, delicious and in keeping with their choices or needs.

We don’t just open a packet to suit – we create a meal from scratch just like any other.

With such experience under our belts, plus the fact that we can easily cater for up to 1500 people at any venue around Northland, our team are experts in making the impossible very possible. Our experience not only shows through our food, but in our preparation behind the scenes where we respect the needs and choices of others – including preparing vegan, gluten-free or allergy-free food well away from areas where the other food is being handled.

When experience and knowledge really matter; and when you want everyone to enjoy their food regardless of their needs and wants; that’s A’Fare!

We really do go the extra mile to ensure your event catering is delicious, sumptuous and memorable.